Health Fair for a better America — May Allah bless each of you

السلام عليكم

May Allah bless Iqra Academy for the health care fair it had provided to all in an indiscriminate manner. Your contribution remains a mark of excellence and is indicative of the great contributions Muslims have made in the past as it relates to the sciences. This health fair functions to affirm the claim: Yes, we can!

This health fair extends hope that as a community, we can always do so much more. I stand humbled by each of your efforts. Specifically, having attended the fair at the request of a board member, I would like to thank the principal and her dedicated faculty for their sincere effort, the board for its vision in creating a healthier community, the kind and caring health care professionals for taking out a portion of their weekend for creating a healthier America. Without these dedicated health care professionals this event would not have been possible.

May Allah bless each of you, your families and keep you all as continual great role models you chosen to be, Ameen

و السلام


One response to “Health Fair for a better America — May Allah bless each of you

  1. Asalamualaikum,
    JazakaAllah khair for your kind and inspiring words. Alhamdulillah this current school board is continuing the tradition of giving back to the community. Their vision of holding the health fair brings the community together, something that I’ve always envisioned for the school. I think the school has a lot of potentials to be a hub for many different social activities that our Muslim ummah in the valley that can directly benefit from. InshaAllah this is a start for many more to come.

    Salaams, Wan