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Salamalikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatoh,

Thank you so much for all the previous e-mail!Barakalaufi!

Actually, i have an important question to ask you.

Nowadays, a lot of people  and in particular the Muslims, are interested about the relaxation, Feng shui (Art which give you the ability to centralize and  Harmonize the energies of a place, a house or a human body / The Shakras), numerology, Hypnosis, astrology, etc…
Indeed, all what is related to occult and esoteric science.
They use this type of art in order to get to know more about themselves and about their personality as they say.
Even so, they don’t use it to  predict about the future (They know its strictly forbidden in Islam) as they say,but just as a way to know more about yourself and to open your mind.

Here is my question:

_Is it written in the Qur’an or some of the hadith of the Prophet Mohamed(saw) that you can use this type of arts to discover more about yourself, about your personality or to cure yourself from psychological or physical diseases without using it for ”clairvoyance” or ” for predicting the future”?

Thanks in advance!!!
You will help me a lot i’m sure thanks to the mercy of Allah! INSHALLAH!

Jazakallahu kayran!

Time: Saturday February 6, 2010 at 4:57 am

Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Feng Shui – in the context of what you seem to be alluding is the creation of harmony and balance in one’s environment so as to create ‘positive vibes within home interactions.’ For example, positioning of the bed in a particular manner; have the sofa face the door so as to create a better flow of energy into and out of the home, etc. An aspect of Feng Shui deals with the famous phrase of yin and yang – one exerting energy upon another and the other being a recipient of it in a balanced form.  Although humans are creatures of balance and attain it through the scientific notions of equilibrium, we find it futile to persevere towards the Chinese to go about attaining it. To us, such thinking lacks creativity and originality on the part of a believer, in that you are letting someone else’s culture (unless you are Chinese) dictate (even though passively) as to how you should design your personal environment.

It is not that Islam seeks for you to reduce your home to resemble the look of the jungle. Neatness has its place, so does creative thought as well as the insight Allah has given you. You are welcome to use ideas from Islamic art and culture to inspire and create a sense of religious belonging. To turn our homes into mini Masjids as a result of its simplify and neatness would be more rewarding than turning our homes into replications of Feng Shui.

One can use techniques that do not contradict Islamic values. For example, to have your sofas face the door would not be wrong. To claim that it affects the ‘karma’ in the home would not be a religiously significant testament.

It would be better for you to read up on Imaam Ghazali to help clean spiritual maladies within yourself. In the process you would learn hadith, aspects of dhikr (remembrance of Allah), respect and love for Allah, love for all the prophets peace be upon them all, love for all the Sahaba, respect for mujtahids and great Imaams of the past, respect for simplicity, good habits towards the elderly and youth, eating habits that would limit disease and gluttony,  etc. Feng Shui may only exist as a limited solution for those pursuing it.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


3 responses to “Feng Shui

  1. This is a very interesting question and answer. I actually talk to people about this all the time. What I tell them is first, that I don’t know enough about Eastern philosophy or even Islam to give them the best answer, and I tell them that the scholars have said that everytime someone admits he does not know, God raises him one degree. I then ask them a lot of questions exactly about what it is they believe and they tell me they believe there is energy all around and that we are all connected. I tell them that’s fine, but I get the honest impression from talking to them that they are taking God out of the picture and are conceiving of this “energy” independent of a Creator.

    Has anyone else, perhaps at work or school, talked to a non-Muslim about stuff like this?

  2. allah is “noor”.noor is energy.

  3. “allah is “noor”.noor is energy.”
    I would be careful to make a statement like this. He says about Himself that He is Noor as-Samawati wa al-Ard (Light of the heavens and earth), but
    we don`t know how He looks, like or what His “nature” is. Nothing is like Allah and He doesn`t resemble anything.