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Asalamalikum wa ramatullahi wa barakatoh,

I have several questions to ask you inshallah;

Q1) is it true that if the Muslim doesn’t talk to his parents because they are non-believers and they refuse to see him because they don’t accept his conversion to Islam, Allah will not grant him the Paradise because he was not in touch with them?


وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

A Muslim must respect his parents in every halal request. The Muslim would be punished for not being obedient to the halal request of a parent — be they Muslim or nonMuslim.

Islam being a logical religion would not punish a person that converts to Islam whilst the parent demeans the right to freedom of religion!

Q2)Is the perfume with alcohol Haram or Hallal?

A2) Halal

(The reason for it being halal is due to the fact that the alcohol in perfumes are  made up of a synthetic component that is not alcohol in its truest sense. However, it would be best not to use it, should one have doubt in its composition.)

Q3) Is it the right of the husband to forbid his wife to visit her family?

A3) If she is corrupting her family as a result of her visits, he can recommend appropriate alternatives.

If her parents do not have any other assistance (son, another child, etc.)  due to their ill health and they are crippled or cannot function without her assistance, then she can go for the time period it would take to assist them and return back to her the home of her husband. (Derived from the fatwas of Qadhi Khan-Arabic version)

Q4)Can we give charity to the poor people if they are non-believer?

A4) Sadaqa (excess charity, that which is not inclusive of zakat) can be given to anyone who can benefit from it by doing good deeds. (It can even be given to feed birds, cats, etc.)

Q5) Can you give me the hadith where the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that the Muslims should be literalist when they read the Quran and the Hadith, and to not to interpret these holy texts?

A5) I have never heard of any major mufasir or muhadith claiming that the Quran and hadith must only be viewed in a purely literalistic manner.

Some parts can be observed literally, other parts have a context. The master of the Tafseer would aid in such a decision making. That is why we are called upon to study tafseer for a deeper and greater understanding than the literal. To avoid our Imaan from being polluted/contaminated, we are recommended to attain our knowledge from true scholars of religion.

(Kindly send us the hadith you are referring to.)

Q6) Is it allowed to take picture or video in Islam?

A6) There is no objection of taking pictures of non-animate objects.

(Passport, driver’s license, etc. would also be allowed under the rule of requirement/necessity)

Q7)Which instruments are not allowed to be played for music in Islam? Are they the stringy and windy instruments?

A7) Duff is an instruments that is allowed. Its usage is not for music. Its usage is to announce a happy occasion, wedding, new moon, and the like. When Sayidinah Omar heard the drum being played, he would send a person to inspect for its usage, if it was linked to a wedding, he would view it as fine. Or else he would induce a punishment. (see Fathul Qadeer)

Q8) Can you give me all the hadiths concerning the veiling of niqab for the muslims ladies?The niqab is a sunnah or fard?
A8) Kindly see veiling-facts-from-the-great-past-to-bleak-present

Q9)If a lady just converted to Islam and her husband is a non-believer, what is the procedure if she wants to keep her husband although he is not a Muslim?

A9) He must be taken to a group of scholars who would explain to him Islam and the consequences of not being a Muslim while his wife chooses to be a Muslim. Should he refuse to convert, then in the terms of Islam, he has chosen disbelief over nikah. Should he persist upon his disbelief, the couple’s nikah would be voided and a separation would be decided between them by the judge.

If she is in a secular state, she must file for divorce once he persists on a faith other then Islam, so as to have her move on with her life (with a believer.)

Q10) the masturbation allowed in islam?

A10) No

‘Those who guard their sexual organs except with their spouses….’  (Al-Mu’mun: 5-7)
Based on this ayah it is forbidden. Sexual relations are to be fulfilled in a healthy manner between spouses.

Kindly see: watching-pornography

Exception does exist to the above: If one is on the brink of adultery, then the matter would be different. However, as a general rule, the sharia does not sanction practices that it deems as unhealthy.

Thanks in advance!
You will help me a lot if you reply to all of my questions and inshallah my deen will become stronger!
Jazakallahu kayran!!!

Time: Saturday February 6, 2010 at 5:28 am

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