Alhamdulilah, you are a Muslim

Q: I converted several months ago. I read books on Islam and all I needed to know about islam from online. And then later I had realized that Islam was for me so then later went back online and found the transliteration of the shahadah with English said it by myself at home with Allah and the two recording angels as witnesses. I also said it with the Imaam on TV as the people were converting that same night.

Now Br Imaam I come to the musjid where i live and the sisters were having their halaqah and they tell me I did it all wrong. So now you tell me, am I a nonMuslim? Or Muslim? So all I prayers was wasted? Fast wasted? You tell me what i do?

A: Your shahada remains valid. Your prayer and fast would be accepted, inshaAllah.

You can go and ask for a redoing of your shahadah in public, should you feel a seed of doubt has been planted.

Recommendations: You seem to be doing well on your own. However, I suggest you go to your local masjid and ask them to teach you more about Islam. Mainly, try and learn the aspects and components of salah, hajj, zakat, purity, aspects of halal, haram and the makroohat, etc. Some things are not found in speeches and books regarding its practicality. It is the duty of those that know, to teach those that are new to the faith. (Derived from hadith.)

May Allah bless you in in making correct decisions at all times, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Next time ask qualified sisters and brothers for advice. All Muslims are not scholars, just as all car drivers are not mechanics! And don’t be fooled with the gift of the gab either. Go with quality coupled with appropriate qualification to avoid ambiguity.


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