Its your parents for crying out loud

Q: we are two brothers and 5 sisters. I am a Alhamdulillah a successful surgeon. My brother is an auto mechanic. My sisters Alhamdulillah are married to men that are medical professionals. My brothers in law as are all wealthy.

I being the eldest had a meeting with our family and feel that to be fair we must all give our father and mother 300 dollars a month. My one sister said she would be give what she prefers to give on her own since sharia does not make it necessary for her to give. I later found out that she would give my mom 500 a month. So she is giving. But is she correct.

A: It is not incumbent upon your sisters to give any assistance towards your parents, more so when they have two brothers ( that are mature, sane brothers possessing amounts more then nisab) .

Sisters taking a pledge to give any financial assistance are purely from the act of kindness. Sisters could give, should you and brother fail to assist; they can later sue you for failing your obligation towards your parents.

Sisters would be held accountable for their pledge. However, Sharia does not require them to take such a pledge in the first place.

If your brother does not possess the amount of nisab and Allah has blessed you with the ability to support your parents, it is necessary for you to do so alone. Should your brother have more than nisab, it would be necessary for him to share the financial obligation upon your parents.

(Answers derived from the fatwas of Qadhi Khan)

Allah Certainly knows Best.

If you were a student of mine and in the process had I sensed that you were indeed asserting your brother in laws are wealthy and must therefore assist your parents in YOUR financial obligation, then I stand embarrassed for you.  I would kindly remind you that you are a ‘successful surgeon.’ As a result,  i would expect better from you. Thereafter I would pose the following: How did you become a surgeon? As a result of your brother in law’s prayers? Assistance, etc? Had your responses been unfavorable, I would request the following of you: sink your head in shame Mr./Dr. (I am sure I just took it the wrong way, so let’s just say, i misunderstood it all!)

Your sisters generosity of 500 a month should make you reflect as to how a woman can do more for her parents when religion calls for a man to be a man on the multiple levels of generosity.


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