we are confused about your confusion


As Salam Alaikum Imam Sahab,

1) I am confused about this website & affiliated organization. 2) Could you please tell me what is the name of the organization running this site? 3) Is this Shia or Sunny? 4) Which country and city it is originated from since mosque names are non-familiar to me and I am in Houston, Texas USA. 5) Also what is MSA? 6) Please reply soon. Thank you & Jazzak Allah

Time: Sunday January 31, 2010 at 3:09 pm

Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
You need not be confused at all. The following responses may help you.

  1. Islamincation.wordpress.com is not an organization in the technical sense of the word. It is a voluntary service comprised of persons to help those who do not have the time to seek out a scholar for personal assistance
  2. I am ignorant as to what you mean by ‘sunny.’ (No we are not sun worshipers?  I am truly lost with your reference to ‘sunny.’)
  3. Primary response-giver is located in the state of Utah. Admins location would vary; generally they are not in the same state(s) as the Imaam. Since you are not familiar with us, it is best you go to someone you are familiar with. Gain your knowledge from credible and trustworthy sources who you regularly deal with.  Allah knows Best.
  4. MSA (Muslim Student Association) is a student group that exist is many major cities. A lot of their members submit queries to us from various parts of the United States. I merely answer their queries as time permits. Preference is always given to members from Utah. MSA is separate from this website; however, they are the ones that seem most enthusiastic as to changing themselves for the best. May Allah accept their efforts.
  5. May Allah reward you for your patience.  We wish you the very best.  May Allah reward you for your questions.


(as dictated by the imaam)


2 responses to “we are confused about your confusion

  1. Thank you so much Imam Sahab,

    I was just looking for some answers & nothing personal. I like this site and by sunny I meant sunni or sun’ ni. As I was saying, I like this site it is very informative and provides answers to many everyday questions under sharia compliance. May Allah bless you for working in his bahalf and thank you for answering my questions too. I wanted to know if this is some exclusive group or anyone is welcomed, and who is the affiliated entity, because I am with Allah only….I got my answer about this and will be asking some more soon. Thank you again for helping us all.

    Jazzak Allah

  2. Maybe he meant sunny like the attitude of the website. Like is it sunny as in positive and happy, as opposed to gloomy…