better ways to give your sadaqa and gain greater reward

Q: As sadaqa or extra reward can one donate to clinics sperm/embryo/surrogate to those that cannot have children? Student of science. (in office question. September 08-2009 )

A: No.

  • Mix-up within the linage could/would occur, this is not allowed.
  • Such procedures can be tantamount to adultery (zina.)
  • For a male to give his sperm, he would have to masturbate. Such an act would be haram. Islam does not sponsor such personal humiliation and denigration. The sin for such self masturbation is severe and would function as an embarrassment for the doer of this action on the day of Judgment.
  • For a woman it would require her to be possibly touched by a stranger (male and/or female). Touching in such places without valid cause is a sin. (May Allah save us from humiliation in this world and the hereafter, Ameen.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(If this person did not ask me this question with his serious face, i honestly would have thought that it best be ignored.)


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