no response does not mean anger

Q. in class sometimes the same Imaam who mentioned about salam and eid is a biddah does not reply to all our salam. He continues reading the Quran. Now i was told that to respond to the salam is necessary. I have no ill feelings for him, but can u clarify. No clue if he angry at me or not


  • it is not appropriate for him to respond, for he is busy with Allah (Subhanahu Wata’Ala)
  • Him not responding does not mean that his heart is not responding. A response does not always have to be physical. It is wajib to reply under general conditions, it is mustahab to reply loud enough for the other person to hear.

وإذا مر الرجل بالقارىء، فلا ينبغي أن يسلم عليه؛ لأنه يشغله عن قراءة القرآن، فإن سلم مع ذلك تكلموا فيه، واختار الصدر الشهيد رحمه الله أنه يجب عليه الرد، وهكذا حكى اختيار الفقيه أبي الليث؛ بخلاف السلام وقت الخطبة، هكذا ذكر رحمه الله في «واقعاته»، ورأيت في «فوائد» الفقيه أبي جعفر: إذا سلم رجل على الذي يصلي، أو يقرأ القرآن؛ روي عن أبي حنيفة أنه يرد السلام بقلبه، وعن محمد أنه يمضي على القراءة، ولا يشغل قلبه كما لا يشتغل لسانه.

Allah certainly knows Best.

p.s. In future, ask your teacher why he does what he does. Here is our proof for him.

It does not mean he is angry at you. Do your work and he would never have the need to be angry at you. We cannot speak for him.


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