Heels and woman — a balanced opinion


would this same rule apply to women who wear high-heels?
I read many books that differ on that question.

2010/01/28 at 4:00pm


One must wear that which is modest and beneficial

One cannot that which would harm oneself. If backaches, slippages, painful feet in excess to that which is normal, etc. is attributed to the wearing heels, then under general condition it would not be allowed. For a person to facilitate destruction to the body is counterproductive to the Quran and sunnah. (Few would deny this point.)

Heels that makes heads turn

In line with Islamic aspects of modesty, it would be inappropriate for a woman to wear anything which gains the attention of strangers. If the heels are worn out of necessity — dress code requirement; or if high heels are made out of a rubber bottom and functions with a persons safety in mind —  for example, heel shoes/boots made for snow conditions, then it would be allowed. (This applies to Utah folks and those that live in such conditions.)

What if it gives me height and it looks good

If heels are worn with the intent of gaining and enhancing ones ‘sex appeal’ towards strangers, then it would be haram. If it is merely worn out of ignorance and attention is gained in the process, the person would be sinful and such an act would be frowned upon — not haram but sinful. If t is worn by a woman whose husband demands it, then he would gain the sin and such heels must be worn only when it is demanded of her. Such a despicable man would also be sinful for making a display of his wife.

Where you can play as you wish

In the privacy of her home,  a woman can wear heels without negative religious consequences, (except for the pain she can cause herself as a result of slippage, etc.) Due to the nature of heels, a person falling and/or hurting themselves would not gain much reward as compared to a person that falls innocently whilst wearing flat shoes. To seek out pain and expect the Mercy of Allah (SWT) to descend upon a person is counter intuitive. Nonetheless, heels worn in the correct environment in the correct manner is allowed.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. Thanks for the answer. I guess its best to abstain from that which brings no modesty.