MSA member(s) in crisis mode

Q: Salam people @ our MSA start rumors. Imam since y’ur imparting knowledge to em can u giv em  advice on the evil of gossiping, spreading lies n rumors n messing up lives. Can u tlk bout tis on Fridy nite fiqh. gt4witnesses 2 lies! I cannot attend due 2 work. post up plse. (text)

A: When students lose focus of their goals and turn university life into a social den, then it is of no surprise that students resort to such lowly unwanted behaviors.

Gossiping is forbidden in Islam. So is lies and rumors. Those that do it would have to give a great portion of their positive (thawab) reward to those that they have victimized. Those that lie become worthy of the curse of Allah (Ayah). Those that spread rumors and fill their lives with sharing falsities regarding others must note the claim of the Quran when it asks: Do you love to eat the flesh of your fellow Muslim? (ayah)

Such rumor mongers, regardless of their outlook, i.e. MSA member, Muslim, etc. are in reality hurting themselves, their religion as well as the organization they claim to represent. Such lowly persons must be prayed for and assisted to attain their best.

Rotten apples must be treated. The rotten portion must be cut for the betterment of the whole. Rotten portions must be eliminated and let back into the group once cleansed. They must be taught the value of representing the self and the dignity of others as Islam demands. To not do this is a great disservice to all.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. When texting us, please use decent grammar. I do not have a texting dictionary or slang book to look up what you saying.

p.p.s. MSA president, if this is indeed a Utah case, is more than welcome to comment.


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  1. Salamu Alaykum,

    Disclaimer: If I come off rude or offensive then let me apologize before hand.

    That being said, I’m completely sick and annoyed of how MSA always gets the backlash just because a particular individuals life is not going accordingly.
    People are gossiping about you, I’m sorry that’s the case but you don’t need to post about MSA doing it, because not everyone would do that.
    I’m an active member alhamdulillah, we have members of 30 people and wallahi there is not single person out of that 30 I care to even comment about their life because the point is we just don’t care (hmm… that may came off a bit rude).
    To rephrase myself your well-being, health, and iman we do care for. We want to be that support system for you as well as others; that is our main objective last time I checked.
    But your personal life what you do, who you do it with and all that stuff that does not concerns us there for “we don’t care”. I’m not speaking for all the members just myself. There is a hadith that says “Part of someone being a good muslim is his leaving that which does not concern him” and when you start to live accordingly to that hadith you will notice how much easier your life will be.

    I’m sure there are a few rotten apples as imam said in team who would do things like gossip and such. But the thing is you can’t just put the whole MSA on blast like that. Call us all out for gossiping that’s wrong hurtful, because not all of us are like that.
    We do it for the sake of Allah, to please Allah, not to be slandered on a website where everyone can see and makes us look bad. When really we just 30members trying to take advantage of our youth and give back to the community.

    -Shukri Harbi

  2. p.s
    what does “gt4witnesses 2 lies!”? mean

  3. Got 4 witnesses, 2 lies.

    So blame the MSA, not the people within it?

    Hmmm…that sounds a lot like this:
    Blame all the Muslims for 9/11 and not just Al-Qauda.

    Point is, an entire group should not be held accountable for whatever people within the group do in their own lives. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that’s being used against you right now. And I know that you said: “People in the MSA” but why couldn’t you just say: “Muslims” in general or just blame your so called friends?

  4. Assalamu Alaikum-

    The MSA has a reputation? A BAD reputation, right? How come it’s not a GOOD reputation? Do people in the MSA just hang around and chat once a week? They are just immature freshmen and sophomores with a lot of time and no life, right? Why should I get involved in the MSA, they just talk, gossip, lie, and look for EVIL, right?

    Why did you choose to specifically say, “people @ our MSA start [you said ‘START’] rumors,” and not, there are rumors going on at the our MSA? I am puzzled, who are you and what is this rumor???? Since I am a member of the MSA, I would like to catch up on my rumors as well, I am very sorry I was studying for my exams, organizing a fundraiser dinner, and taking care of my family. I guess I missed the rumors at our last meeting where we talked about the annual conference to unite Muslims, we call it “We Are Bound By One Conviction, We Believe in Allah.” I guess we should have called, “The Annual Rumor.” I am so sorry we work hard, we just have too much time, right? Why is NOT the MSA EVER cited as a GOOD, professional, student organization? Why are the student in the MSA not looked at in a positive light? Do you think, we, in the MSA need of some kind of social support and that is why we join?

    Please, give us a break, we are really busy with school, work and family. We work hard for the sake of Allah to make YOU and I closer. I have so much respect for the MSA members that I cannot begin to show how sincere and hard working they are. To put in plain words, we do things that other do not want to do, which we don’t have to do:

    A prayer halls every Fridays!
    Resource to the Muslim Students on campus.
    Educating the larger non-Muslim student body on campus.
    Islam Awareness Week for three years now
    Presentations on campus.
    Student Interfaith Council

    It is easy to get rid of a student organization. Just spread rumors about IT! Whoever spreads a rumors about you, which I have no clue, then target the individual that spreads the rumors and not the MSA. Please don’t ruin the MSA’s reputation and the members. Jazakallahu Khair!

  5. Why is it that fellow MSA members, NONE of whom are either participating in or even remotely aware of, the “rumor” in question, prefer to rag on the person who complains? Its not really so difficult to understand why the person is complaining about MSA members: its because the person is having a problem with select few MSA members. Not members of the Interfaith Council, the U’s ASU, or other student bodies–hence, the focus on MSA members. The goal should be seeing the flaws and correcting them–not sweeping them under the rug with the “principle” of, “Well, I don’t know, and she doesn’t know about it, and those ones over there, well they don’t know about it either! So, stop picking on us when we’ve PROVED that there is no rumor to begin with! We’re the victims now, because look, you’re spreading rumors about US!” If the MSA has a bad reputation, then it should be in it’s best interest to fix it…it shouldn’t be that difficult, being that it’s an organization that tasks itself with much bigger goals, like educating people about our religion. If you can’t handle problems within, how in God’s Name are you going to handle criticisms from outside?

    As per, “Blame the MSA, not the people within it.” Do you know how annoying that sounds–the MSA IS it’s people, and vice versa. No people, guess what? No MSA! Not rocket science here. And why drag 9/11 into it? What does that have to do with the price of tea in Utah? That’s a blatant media tactic, and I’m sad to see it being utilized here, against a fellow Muslim with a legitimate complaint. Notice, the person is not blaming all Muslims–they’re focusing on the MSA. Just like AQ did it, in this case the MSA (some people within it) did it. Using emotional rhetoric is rather low.

    We’re in college; let’s put our critical thinking skill to better use outside the classroom. Just like the MSA will get good press for it’s positive achievements, it will also get bad press when things go awry. Don’t sit there crying over spilled milk–clean the damned mess up!

    PS: I’m not the questioner, lest anybody accuse me of a highly defensive stance. I’m just someone who refuses to belong to groups like the MSA for the very kind of tunnel-vision defensiveness that awakens when anybody has a complaint. This “don’t blame us, blame the victim” mentality is quite primitive.

    • Assalamu Alaikum-

      Jazakallahu khair. InshaAllah we will clean the mess up if it is our MSA. We are a small group and Allah, Subhana Wataalah, made many things easy for us, so we thank Allah for everything! Please do not refuse to be a part of the MSA because of my statements or opinions, I don’t speak for all members. Jazakallahu khair.

  6. SubhanAllah, when I read this, I thought the people commenting took it way too personally. First of all, when I read what was written I did not for a second think that the person was blaming the whole MSA, and I think the people commenting should do some reflecting because most people would not have such a defensive reaction. Second, I have had MSA people tell rumors about me and I felt hurt and vulnerable. That is why I did not put my name and wrote “scared Muslim” instead. I am really scared of some people in the MSA. Remember our beloved prophet said a Muslim is someone from whose hands and mouth other Muslims feel safe. Forgive me Imam and knowledgable people if I paraphrased that hadeeth unjustly.

    I think we have all said things about others that we shouldn’t and should all repent.

    Fi Amanillah

  7. by the way, we have a tutoring program in the MSA,you might want to take advantage of our writing tutors; so the Imam won’t have hard time reading your text. thanks and Jazakallah Kheyr!!! and please STOP CATEGORIZING ALL OF US AS WE SPREAD RUMORS!!!

  8. Salamu Alaykum

    “We’re in college; let’s put our critical thinking skill to better use outside the classroom. Just like the MSA will get good press for it’s positive achievements, it will also get bad press when things go awry. Don’t sit there crying over spilled milk–clean the damned mess up!”

    Yeah MSA does get postive light as well as negative.
    But Alhamdulillah the negative does not effect us what-so-ever, if it did there wouldn’t be any MSA to begin with. By Allah’s mercy and compassion it continues.
    Despite what others my think of it let it be good or bad.

    Luqman (AS) once said to his son:
    “Oh son! Do not tie your heart in seeking the pleasure of people. You are not likely to succeed. Do not pay attention to what people say. Instead tell yourself always to seek the pleasure of God.”

    It is impossible to please the world. MSA will always get negative light as well as positive, but we do try to do it for the sake of Allah, and if He (SWT) pleased then alhamdulillah.

    Our objective is not to complain or bash the victim aou’dibillah.
    The imam should give a lecture on gossiping and consequence of it. That’s something we could all benefit from.

    yeah we are being defensive, but come on that’s human instinct its not rocket science.

    • While you now say “Our objective is not to complain or bash the victim aou’dibillah” please reflect on what you said earlier:

      “I’m completely sick and annoyed of how MSA always gets the backlash just because a particular individuals life is not going accordingly.”

      The person complained about gossiping, and you came to the conclusion, from God Knows where, that their life sucks and therefore they’re blaming the MSA for it. That sounds like bashing and complaining to me, but maybe the MSA (and other group-think entities) plays by different definitions.

      I’m out. Peace.

      • “I’m completely sick and annoyed of how MSA always gets the backlash just because a particular individuals life is not going accordingly.”

        That first part was towards another incident not this one.
        But congratulations for the assumptions.
        You should look into hadiths about assumptions.
        That might tingle your brain a bit.

        • While my brain is tingled, I’m glad it’s not tangled. The bait-and-switch argument is simply too time-worn to be utilized yet again. If you want to talk about hadith, please consider the example of the Prophet’s (SAW) speech: he always spoke in a manner that answered all questions and never created further confusion. And do fellow tinglers a favor by keeping your comments to the matter at hand. It’s simply hot enough, without adding out-of-date MSA drama to the pot, don’t you think?

          This is just a discussion to flesh out the truth of the situation. I think it helped beautifully. Congratulations to YOU, dear, on a job well done!

          BTW, any tingles yet? No? Better luck next time, dear. I understand; first you must work on untangling. The tingles will flow freely thereafter. (See, sarcasm is not hard to do. I just wanted to return the favor to show you how it’s REALLY done.)

        • Salamu Alaykum,

          Indeed the prophet (SAW) spoke in such way.
          You want to get into that then alright. The prophet (SAW) would also send salutions upon every Muslim he came in contact with. I now your wondering why.
          Well dear let me answer for you in attempt to untangle your brain.
          The prophet would salam others because that is one of the 6 rights a Muslim has over another. If you fail to do a sunnah a small one just as that. Then who are you to even be talking about Nabi kareem sallahu alayhi wa salam.

          I can add what ever so out dated in dated stories as I please.
          Because it is this not a comment box to express our thoughts and concerns?
          hmm… I believe so.

          Small recap: bait-and-switch arugment was never utilized. Same argument continues. Do us all a favor try to keep up with discussion. Do you think that’s possible dear? or is your brain too tangled to manage.

          “Truth of the situation” care to explain exactly what that is?

          Admin’s note: Always better to keep the stories to the matters at hand. That is to say, in the Shukri-speak, in dated.

        • Salamu alaykum,

          Another thing the prophet (saw) did he walked away from petty arguments. In attempt to follow his sunnah
          I’m out.
          Inshallah nothing was taken personal.
          I apologize for being overly defensive.
          Questioner, imam, admin, and everyone who has commented I ask for your forgiveness since I did start this fiasco with my first comment.
          Inshallah you’re able to forgive me.


          Admin’s note: forgiven. Wassalaam.

  9. Assalaamu’Alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu,
    Everybody, please chill out. Relax, and take a deep breath.

    We understand that many many MSA members are sending messages to the person(s) who they think is responsible for this question. Please be informed that you are contacting, and “accusing” the wrong individuals. This question was sent in regard to some marital issue involving some MSA members (just so you know which rumor is being complained about, because apparently y’all are tripping over the wrong rumors!), and the persons some of you adults are accusing of ‘snitching to the imam’ is not the person who sent in the question, and as such you could cause problems for such individuals. Please do not consider this an act of further betrayal by some member of the MSA–it is merely that in your attempts to decipher the puzzle of “who sent in this question,” you’ve gotten it horribly wrong, and the persons need you all to stop bugging them. Please note that we were made aware of these persons being harassed not by the persons themselves, but by a third party. We advise you to a) cease and desist; and b) understand that when somebody asks a question, it is not snitching, it’s called asking for advice. You’re in university, not kindergarten–there’s no conspiracy going on to tattle on each other and become the imam’s (or whomsoever’s) favorite (or whatever).

    Please have mercy, and if you are not in the middle of this mess, then don’t worry about the problem if you don’t think you can be part of the solution. You don’t know who the questioner is, and it’s not your business to know. Your only business is to make sure you are not the ones who are gossiping about anybody, whether they’re MSA members or not.

    As for the individuals who are thought to have sent in this question: it is sad that you all are a) bearing the brunt of a question that you didn’t even ask; and b) will be further accused of snitching. This is not how adults are supposed to act, let alone Muslim adults. Creating an environment of fear and subtle hostility is not the successful way forward for any group.


  10. Scared Muslim

    Scared Muslim is getting more and more scared

  11. Asalamu alaykum
    This is being taken way to far for no reason. We as MSA members don’t know what all our members are doing. I for one was offended by this as well but maybe it’s a true issue that should be addressed as shukri said we should have a lecture on gossiping.
    insha Allah I hope this person will forgive those who have said untrue or true which ever it maybe things about them.
    subhanallah pointing fingers sure won’t get you the person who sent this please do leave that individual alone.
    Wa alaykum Salam

  12. To add on to Scared, who could not have said it better:

    As the primary response giver, I am a little disappointed, and let me tell you why.

    The idea of having a website is to convey and preserve anonymity. Sadly, many chose to pry into the lives of the innocent. Generally this could be indicative of guilt on the part of the assumer(s). To assume what is not close to reality is disgusting at best.

    Responses should not be taken personally. For the most part (99% of the time), I do not know directly as to who is sending the question. I try to be fair to all. To keep your privacy, Admins send me most of your queries without your personal detail.

    I only answer what you send to us. Private emails are answered as a last resort. Why? Because if I know you, there is a possibility that you may think I am placing an attack on you, or being overly kind to you as a result of a hidden motive, etc. It is always best and most advised that you deal directly with Private emails are accepted; however, you must be man/woman enough to accept my response, humor, etc. for what they are!

    Although I do not always answer all your questions right away, anything sent to the website would be eventually answered. This is my intent, even if it takes a decade, inshaAllah.

    Dream queries are never given priority. Our religion is not based on mere dreams. If you have good dreams, accept it as a gift form Allah (SWT), if it is a poor dreams, seek refuge in Allah (SWT) from the ploys of shaytan.

    Thanking you for letting me be of service to you.


  13. I have one question to ask? Why does this Girl have Imaam’s private Mobile Phone Number? This individual can not be a guy, cause guys don’t care about these kinds of idiotic rumors.

  14. Assallamu alykum!
    I want to take a minute to thank the questioner for bringing this. We MSA always welcome feedbacks about MSA and this help us to correct ourself, as we know “no one is perfect”. mistakes occur, but there are always a second chance. Allah forgives his slaves who are we to refuse. I personally apologize if this really happened which i doubt. In our MSA we welcome anyone to join, and we all strive to become a better individuals and to give back to the community. I accept ur invitation for the lecture, and would love to hear it, and MSA members as well(probably, cant talk for the whole group).

    People this is not a facebook or myspace so stop making the matter worse!
    In every organization there are its bads and goods, so stop complaining and move on with your life!

    lets end this please, and MSA members remember you are doing this for the sake of Allah ONLY, and no one else, forget what others say just take it as an advice, and move on with your mission. Again Remember Allah ONLY, and not for people. May Allah reward you guys for your hard work. you making changes, and helping many peoples. MSA had changed my life to good, especially individuals from the past, and this reason I am part of it.

  15. You guys seem to have problems with consistency. On the one hand you say, “We MSA always welcome feedbacks about MSA and this help us to correct ourself.” Then you go on to state that you “doubt this really happened.” FYI, dismissing a claim is not welcoming of feedback.

    As for yoo…pray do tell: what kind of “idiotic rumors” are you talking about? Remember, the party line states there ARE NO RUMORS. Also, since when is it impossible for a man to care about gossip? Is there some hadith or Qur’an ayah you’re aware of that states gossiping about women is a no-no, but men…well, they are fair game; after all, Allah made them impervious to such talk?! And maybe you want to consider other explanations for this question: 1. maybe the girl (if it was a girl) sent the question through a male relative; 2. maybe it wasn’t a girl; 3. maybe it’s irrelevant WHO sent the question, and also irrelevant is HOW they sent it. Maybe the only thing that is relevant is FIXING THE PROBLEM.

    Lastly, every single one of you who picked on the questioner for poor grammar has made laughable mistakes in your own grammar. It’s laughable only due to the irony. The person used txting lingo–let’s see your own txting lingo, if you have better versions, which I srsly dbt? (yeah, chew on dat!) Yeah, the person with the question is the one with serious problems, right?! Yet, you’re the ones deflecting from the point with every ounce of energy you have, and all so that you can be loyal party members. The longer this goes on, the more it sounds like the rallying cry is, “Heil, mein MSA!”

    Seriously, I’m betting Scared Muslim is not feeling any safer. You guys really need to get a handle on your defensiveness. Defensive for a day, ok…consistently defensive for any longer, and it begins to sound like a broken record–emphasis on broken. No offense intended, but you’re just underlining why group-think is such a horrible concept.

    • Asalamu alaykum,
      Honestly all of these commenting and attacking each other is getting us no where. Insha allah I hope that we can all forget this and as Imam M. Shoyab says “move on with our lives” because attacking each other will not help this person just scare them. So please lets just move on Insha allah.

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said :”Do you know what backbiting is?” They said, “God and His Messenger know best.” He then said, “It is to say something about your brother that he would dislike.” Someone asked him, “But what if what I say is true?” The Messenger of God said, “If what you say about him is true, you are backbiting him, but if it is not true then you have slandered him.” (Muslim)

      “The Believers are but a single Brotherhood.” [Al-Hujurat 49:10]

      “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others.” [Sahih Muslim].

      “Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: ‘You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not have faith until you love each other. Shall I direct you to something which if you fulfill you will love one another? Spread peace among yourselves.’ (It was reported by Muslim)

      “Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: ‘You will not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you will not have faith until you love each other. Shall I direct you to something which if you fulfill you will love one another? Spread peace among yourselves.’ (It was reported by Muslim)

      Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.”

      Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I asked the Messenger of Allah (PBUH): “Who is the most excellent among the Muslims?” He said, “One from whose tongue and hands the other Muslims are secure.”
      [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

      wa alaykum salam

    • “Brain Tingle” seems like you are a English Major, looking carefully what others write. Don’t be using that on us. get a life!! you are so bored that you start to writing on this. Since you are not MSA member, stop getting into our business!!! you really need help, you might consider seeing an psychotherapists. you might want to use your english skill for better use than attacking ur own fellow muslims.

      Admin’s note: Please try to refrain from recommending people to get medical attention. That is a) a personal issue, and b) if the person takes you up on it, they may expect you to foot the bill! You’re on dangerous ground here (unless you can afford to pay those bills–I believe those sessions run about $250 an hour, and take years).

      • Asalamu alaikum, crazy!
        Are you sure I’m an English major and not a Phil. major? I’d do some more research into that if I were you. You know how good MSA people are at researching identities. ;) You’ll destroy the PERFECT track record you guys have with your baseless assumptions! (There are some hadith you can look up about assumptions, if only you’d pay closer attention to Shukri.)

  16. Scared Muslim

    Scared Muslim is typing under a blanket, hugging a teddy bear, and trembling with fear

    Admin’s note: We don’t believe it because there were no typos.

  17. Salamu Alaykum

    Imam or Admin,
    can you please do everyone a favor and disable this comment box.
    Fire and fire arguments is not solving anything, and inshallah I think its the best for everyone.

    Jazakallahu khair

    • Wa ‘Alaykumus Salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu,

      Please note that the Imaam only answers questions. We, the Admins, decide the rest.

      We feel the comments are aiding the discussion. Since the dialogue has remained respectful and enlightening, there is no real reason to end it. Someone else may have something else worthwhile to add, after all. We just ask that you all maintain this respectful level of speech.

      Wa iyyaki.


      • the devil is next to u!

        “We feel the comments are aiding the discussion.” what you talking about? this is just creating argument. Cant you not see the shaytan got between us. Do us a favor and end this!!!! This website is not to get us against each other but rather learn. Many people are not going to quit but ruin it, so i ask you kindly with voice of Shukri and Ifrah to end it, an delete these comments. If anyone gets offended remember is your fault, since you insist to have it on.

        • Assalaamu’Alaykum,
          We feel that it’s in the best interest of Muslim students in the West to learn to debate without being “against each other.” Nobody is ruining anything. Please don’t try to ruin it by adding a tone of hysteria. Respectful debate should not cause offense. Those who are offended should take personal responsibility rather than blaming their offense on a forum of learning. In other words: own your sense of offendedness, rather than transferring it to us.

    • Assalaamu alaikum,
      You’re very clever–you fired the first shot, now you want to fire the last shot. It’s rather convenient to shut down the discussion down just when it gets interesting. Is it because the cap fits or is it the burka? Some may falsely accuse you of a guilt complex, but I wouldn’t go that far coz that would be an assumption; but then again, maybe I would…should I? I’ll just be kind enough not to, because I’m a Muslim you’re a Muslim, and so I must give the benefit of doubt.

      Lets go through all your inconsistencies, for the heck of it:
      Shukri, you state that “you don’t care about the personal lives of any msa members.” Then, you use your single example of being above gossip to prove that the entire msa is pure. This is a completely fallacious conclusion, not very cleverly done, except to those who are not paying attention. Utah is sleepy, but not that sleepy.

      You conclude your first comment with concern for how the msa looks because of all this. You don’t care about the impact of gossiping, you don’t care to put yourself in the shoes of the person who must be in pain because of msa members’ gossiping (in between their verrrrryyyy bussssyyyyy schedules)…no, all you see is that the msa is tarnished. I never saw a hadith (and i looked through Ifrah’s well-supplied list) that says, “don’t condemn the msa; backbite, gossip, judge each other…but don’t condemn the msa!” You know why I never saw it? Because the msa is not part of our religion-so don’t elevate it to such high status.

      Then comes YO, offering tutoring services. Seriously? Deflect deflect deflect! That’s all you guys can do: deflect! Why don’t you guys and gals give yourselves non-gossip workshops first?! Or is this the msa’s clever way of finding out who the question came from? Ooooh, you guys are getting good at all this plotting!

      Next, here comes Shukri, again, with “But Alhamdulillah the negative does not effect us what-so-ever.” Oh really? So, what are you getting all excited over again? Because, sister, you sound affected.

      Here’s a question for yoo-hoo: how can the imam, as a public figure, really have control over who has his number? Another thing: what does a girl having the number and sending in a perfectly above-board question prove? That the girl is loose, and heyyyyy therefore deserves to be gossiped about?! Is that what you’re implying? I really hope not, and again, i’ll give the benefit of the doubt and ask you what the point of your question is rather than assuming it’s something nasty you’re driving at.

      Deqa, way to go, giving with one hand and slapping with the other. First you say you’re really glad the questioner brought this forward and it’s for the good of the msa coz it helps us improve ourselves and all that pretty stuff. Then you go for the kill by telling her or him that you doubt it really happened. Smoothly done! It’s like giving someone a painkiller before you hit them. They’ll be so happy that you want to hear what they have to say that they’ll completely miss the diss.

      Ifrah has conveyed the wisest of words. That last hadith which says that the most excellent of Muslims is the one from whose hands and tongues other Muslims are safe needs to be hung in the msa room. Read it, learn it, live it. All of us. Until then, some of us need to speak up to the ones from whom we are not safe. Can you imagine how many more Scared Muslims would be out there if we all just shut up and took the abuse? Lucky for us, we don’t belong to the shut-up-and-take-it religion; we belong to the ask-for-forgiveness-nicely-and-then-we’ll-shut-up-about-it religion.

      Meanwhile, with all this commenting going on to convince us that the msa does not engage in ghibbah (PR is important, you know?) little do we realize that msa members are thinking there’s a snitch in their midst and they are scrambling to find him or her. But apparently there are so many rumors going on that it’s hard to find the person who has been so disloyal. This leads me to say, in the words of Shakespeare, that the ladies Shukri, Irfah, and Deqa protesteth too mucheth when they insist that msa members neverrrrr everrrrr gossips.

      Shukri, there are no fire and fire arguments going on here (yet), and thankfully you don’t control who says what. I’m sure the admins (and possibly the Imaam) know when to close a discussion down. You don’t have to do their job(s) for them, or request that you know. It really makes a person wonder why you just seem to want this to all disappear. I know i know, you want it gone for the good of the msa; but what’s the real reason? Let’s do a halal tango, huh, where you tell us what’s really going on? It’s ok, you can tango with me; i’m not a brother (or should i be?)

    • The Fantastic Rowboat

      Shukri you should seriously get off this blog and go read some Hadith and try and purify your soul from all this anger that you have against your fellow Muslims.

      Admin’s note: This is getting in the personal zone. Sister Shukri might or might not have anger towards fellow Muslims, and it’s always best to focus on the purity of our own souls. We understand the need for those to whom the issue hits close to home to want to speak out, just be mindful of the boundaries. JazakAllah khair. Wassalaam

  18. Walaykum salam, Shukri
    No, I not wondering why the sunnah of salam exists, but thanks for the assumption, oh Mother of No-Assumptions. Even an alcoholic Muslim can talk about the Prophet Muhammed sallalahu alayhi wa sallam if there is something that he feels strongly about; it’s not your right to determine who can and cannot mention his sunnahs. Now that you’ve established that you’re better than the rest of us heathens who forget our salutations in the course of a fascinating discussion, can we move on? Nice distraction attempt, btw: shift the topic to something completely different and put ME on the defensive. Better luck next time, dear.

    Yes, this is a comment box to express our concerns. So, why don’t you start discussing your concerns on what you’ll be having for lunch, or what the topic of the next MSA meeting will be? Because it’s not on topic! You seem like a reasonable person, and thus I thought you would (reasonably) not be dragging some other episode of MSA drama to mix up the situation. Yet, you unreasonably did do so. Classic bait-and-switch. Look, it’s not my fault the MSA has so much drama that you can’t keep your comments to the drama at hand.

    Truth of the situation is exactly that: the truth of what issues are to be dealt with, who stands on which side of the issue, the environment the MSA really engenders–that’s what I meant. What other “truth of the situation” did you think I was referring to? Oh oh, is there more drama to be discussed?

    Lastly, just when the Admin allowed the discussion to continue on the grounds that we “all maintain this respectful level of speech,” you had to go and tell me my brain is tangled. That was not respectful, dear, that was rude. Couldn’t you have found a wittily sarcastic way of saying that?

    Assalamu alaikum, crazy!
    Follow the conversation, crazy. OTHERS were looking closely at someone’s grammar–I was merely telling them they’re in no position to preach grammar lessons and to focus on the topic at hand. Get it now? Sounds like we’re on the same page on that argument :)

  19. Asalamu alaikum,
    Man, am I glad I started off with peace and blessings when i sent that in last night. My entire debate would have been wasted if I hadn’t! Seriously, BT, you need to get with the peaceful program!

  20. “Brain Tingle” and “let’s tango” what do you want to get out of this? and btw i know its the same individual. Why not just put your name down.

    • You people’s obsession with finding out who wrote what is unhealthy. I’m not even going to dignify your allegation that Brain Tingle and let’s tango are the same. Let the issues of identity go and focus on the discussion (if you are able). I’m not putting my name down coz I’ve read the rules for commenting unlike you, Shukri, and everybody else. I also don’t have a need for everybody to know who I am-I’m not on an attention-getting fame high. My privacy actually means something to me. What I get out of this? is pretty simple: deconstructing illogical discussions. Does that answer your questions? One more question for you, what do you get of trying to shut people up?

  21. Horrified Muslim

    Scared Muslim got so scared that I had to change my name to Horrified Muslim

    Admin’s note: Alhamdulillah that the Muslim part is intact.

  22. Admin, I have made a promise to you to not interfere in your matters. I have been requested by the MSA president to close this comment section down. If you would be kind to close the comment area, I too would appreciate it. I am not asking you to limit speech, just close down the acceptance of further comments.
    This has been an expensive lesson for us all. I sure have learnt the importance of watching my words prior to them going up in print. I have also learned that our hit count more than quadrupled. It’s sad that our audience thrives upon the hurt of others.
    Thank you for all you do,

    • Assalaamu’Alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu,
      As a favor to the request of the president of the MSA, we will close down the comments here. However, in fulfilling the request of both the Imam and the MSA president, we have reached a compromise and have decided to keep comments open until midnight Pacific time, so that any final words of wisdom that need to be shared can be (under intense moderation, of course).

      Quadrupled hit counts are a sad testimony to the kind of drama we thrive on. It would be best if those readers would send a du’aa or two for the victims of rumor-mongering everywhere, especially in Utah.


  23. As Salamu Aleikum Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

    Brothers and Sisters,

    I am a new Muslim. I come from a people who worship other than God. I still am witness to their situation, their worship of Jesus Christ(pbuh), their worship of their ancestors, even the belief in a wife of God(astaghfir Allah). I don’t want to say these people are evil and I do not seek to put them down. What I want to do is remind all my fellow Muslims how blessed we are. We worship the Only One Who is worshipped in truth and we worship Him exclusively. We are one big family that worships One Amazing God. Let’s remember that it is Him we seek to please, and for His sake we should welcome criticism of ourselves, and assume the best about others.

    Fi Amanillah

    • Wa ‘Alaykumus Salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu,
      MashaAllah, nobody could have said it better than this, and we shall think of you as Inspiring Muslim. We certainly bring shame and humiliation down upon ourselves with our useless antics. We salute your courage, and that is a heartfelt statement from the Imam as well as the Admin team; you make us relearn what we know. With Scared Muslim’s inspiring comment, we shall close comments on this topic.