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first question is that

I had a dream approximately 1 or 2 hours after fajr salah.  in my dream i saw a jinn trying to over power (keep me from getting up) me while i lay on the floor on my bed.  I repeatedly tried to get up but it was as if the jinn was very very strong and trying to prevent me from getting to my feet.  while the jinn attempted to keep me down I was getting extremely angry that the jinn was trying to hold me down and kept repeating ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH over and over again and tried to get to my feet and had in my mind in the dream that when i got to my feet that I would fight and pummel this jinn.  I did manage to get semi up and kept saying ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH. I soon woke up and the dream was finished.
please answer as thoroughly as possible as I do have many dreams where I fight a jinn in different scenarios this being the first of that which i have submitted for an explanation.

Time: Wednesday December 30, 2009 at 9:15 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

The time of this dream was good. There is much credibility to this dream.

You are undergoing a struggle. This is a struggle is between you and another human with your antagonists  usage of a jinn against you.  Allah has blessed you with not only Imaan but help from His side by giving you insight so as to have you seek proper help. This given jinn does not want to hurt you voluntarily, however, it is being sent to create havoc in your life due to the animosity of another human upon you. As known, as a general rule, jinn do not go about hurting people voluntarily. Generally, they do so as a result of them being manipulated to do so by others. The dream is a favor of Allah upon you, to help you do things that would rid yourself gradually from this lowly wretched action.

You can overpower this calamity with the words of Allah, as you had done so. Reciting the Quran and those portions that help eliminate your possible problem would always help you. Jinn are lowly creatures compared to pious humans. It takes time and dedication to eliminate such lowly people and creatures from your life. For a gradual cure, read the following diligently.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Most of the above is an opinion, not a fatwa or Islamic ruling, for we dealing with the unseen.


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