Murder and suicide is not a Muslim option


As Salam Alaikum,

I have been looking for work for 2.5 mos now, sent 4000 plus applications, read somewhere to recite Ya Mughnee day & night (all the times) & have started from last week (is that OK?). I always insist on Rizq-e-Halal & all foods/lifestyle for myself & my kids, we perform regular salat & try to fulfill all duties but these times are very tough on my family I often think about killing me & kids since nothing seems to be working (May Allah forgive me & make my life easier) and do not know what to do anymore. Please provide me with suggestions/wazifa if possible and provide your thoughts on Ya Mughnee please. May Allah bless you.

Jazzak Allah

Time: Wednesday January 13

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Our nation is going through a profound set of trials. Muslims and other minorities are bearing the brunt of these challengers that surround them.  Although your situation is not new, it is tragic and we share your pain.

Shaytan has a plan too

You are reading the right things. Recognizing and repeating the great names of Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) would never go in vain. The benefit of your zikr would be sometimes given to you in this world, but in the hereafter, we would all wish we took the name of Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) in greater amount – for its reward would surly be tremendous. No good deed goes to waste. Due to your repeating His name, it could be well that Allah(Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) is protecting you from something more disastrous.

Give me now!

Muslims assume that due to the recital of specific phrases, a cure must follow. Humans are hasty in their approach and their level of patience is not filled with continual perseverance. We must be thankful that Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) loves us enough to allow us take His name. That fact that you can take His name with perseverance is a blessing from Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) and a showing of His Mercy towards you and your family. Muslims learn from the life of all prophets, more significantly, we learn that prophets remembered Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) greatly despite serious adversities. The sahaba have also emulated this pattern of endurance. So did other pious persons throughout history. Your patience would increase your rank.

Your depression

You need not be depressed. You must sincerely believe that Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) does not burden a person more than they can endure. Simultaneously, shaytan has work to do as well. As you are reading all these great phrases linked to Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) shaytan is placing negative thoughts in your mind, wanting you to abandon your superior service towards Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala).

Rasulullah (SAW) has beautifully stated in the following similar words: look to those beneath you so as to be thankful. Shaytan only wants you to focus on your misery. When a person focuses on their misery, they become negative. Do not let the enemy win. Shaytan knows well, amongst the greatest sins are the ones of murder and suicide. Do not tread this negative path.

Eye on your goal

Keep your focus on what you are doing. For the sake of your children and family, keep a smile and a brave face when interacting with them. Even though finances may be enormously reduced and morale at its worst,  take your children to the park and allow them to make a snow man, take part in a playful snow fight, take  a jog as a stress breaker; take a class in college to learn a new skill via the financial programs that are available, etc. If you continue without changes to your current strategy, your current situation would continue to devastate you.

Your children need you. Suicide would not be an option by any standards. Stay strong and rest assured, Allah (Suhanahu Wa Ta’Ala) would open His doors for you when the times He feels is most right. This is something you must believe in for maximum success.

We share your pain and sincerely wish you the very best, Ameen

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. Kindly go to a local government agency etc. for immediate help. More so, if violence of any type is perceived. Call our Islamic Society should you feel the need. Kindly leave a message. Do not depend on our help alone.


4 responses to “Murder and suicide is not a Muslim option

  1. As Salamu Alaikum-

    My family and I would like to help out with some money, its not much, but we will try. Indeed the help of Allah, The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty, is marvelous and greater, be patient. We make Dua for you and your family.

    Also, as a simple student, the least I can say is this:

    Allah, The Exalted, says in the Quran:

    “Does He who created not know, while He is the Subtle, the Acquainted?”

    Allah, The Merciful, is aware of everything you are going through so keep asking Allah, the Provider! Be patient, for Allah, The Magnificent, also says in the Quran, ask me and I will give it to you…[and] Who is more truthful than Allah in statement? Indeed, Allah, The Enricher, is absolutely truthful in statement!

    It has been narrated that Allah, The Loving, tests one of His slaves in a matter and then says to the Angels that it was, “In order to hear his voice.” That is, supplication and invocations. Please look at verse 186 in Surah Baqarah for another promise by Allah, the Protector. We will collect what we have and leave it at Masjid Khadija by Monday. May Allah, The Compassionate, bless you, your children, your family and all the Muslims.

    • وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      Your generosity astounds me. May Allah always keep your heart open and you tongue moist with His praise. You are blessed to share such kind words. This site does not accept funds of any-type. However, your prayer for now would go a long way, Ameen
      و السلام

    • As Salam Alaikum,

      I am really touched but I was not looking for donations, I seek your prayers and praying for you. Jazzak Allah, may Allah bless you more and fulfill your desires. Salam

  2. As Salam Alaikum,

    This is FA again, I found work last year in March after leaving that post. It was temporary work for 2 weeks, then again I was jobless for 3 months. Again found work in June till May 2011 and now looking again, going through same hardships and its like that for 15 years. I am more out of work then at work even though I have references from previous supervisors, people like me and my work but something happens and I loose the job…..I am thinking again about ending it all I am too tired of looking for work again and again. I know he provides rizq to all his living creatures but how come I am having so much hard time? I pray for rain, it pours, I pray for anything Alhamdullilah happens soon but rizq is so hard to find. Sometimes I feel he wants me to keep my focus on him and pray to him 24/7 and he likes when I do that in my times of depair but I cannot do that all the time. I have earthly obligations too & kids to raise and rizq to find. I don’t know what to do anymore. It is affecting my health and I will be fine I guess once I go back home but will he forgive me?