Best place for (muslim) wedding: Hilton? Marriott? Hyatt? Ramada Inn?

Q: We are butting heads and its getting frustrating in our home. It like prewedding battel zone. Its like i dont want to get married anymore. I am female and i want to have a simple wedding. My dad wants to take out a loan. My inlawas want you  to be the judge. Imam (muhammad) Shoayb please answer this: Where is the best place to have our wedding?  Time? Based on Sunnah.  What is the Islamic wedding greeting? ( i am not asking how to perform the nikah or marriage certificate details. I know where to get all that) (text)

………… أاعلنوا النکاح واجعلوہ فی المساجد


  • The best nikah is a simple nikah (miskaat shareef.) The best Nikah is the one that is coupled with the least amount of extravagance, wastage and resemblance to non-Islamic practices
  • The best place to have your nikah is the musjid
  • The best time would be after Asr on Friday
  • Having people does not mean that they all have to be fed a special meal. Those that are poor should not be embarrassed, nor is it the duty of the less fortunate to take out loans to fulfill this sunnah
  • The meal can be simple. There is no Islamic requirement of specified dishes coupled with specific requirements of matching curtains and table  clothes and flowers to that of a given persons attire, etc.
  • That which is built on sunnah can only get stronger. Sunnah has in it the appeal of simplicity as well as quality

The Islamic greeting is as follows:

بارك الله لك وبارك عليك وجمــــــــــع بينكما بخير

Transliteration: barakalla who laka. Wabaraka alayka. Wajama’a baynakuma bi khayr

source:  ابو داوٴد، ترمذی

Meaning: Allah bless you and shower His choicest blessings upon you and gather every type of goodness between the both of you

This dua is mentioned at the time of greeting the groom or bride (after greeting one with the islamic salutation of Asalamualikum). (Variations of the above dua does exist.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Note: the above can only occur if our youth insist on doing the right thing. The money saved on Hilton, etc. can be spent on halaal expenses of the married  couple, umrah or hajj together, etc.


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