Don’t steal my milk! Shave your legs? How about jeans and music…

Question: I am the vice-president of The Muslims club at my school. In the club, we as Muslim girls pray and talk about our religion. When they ask us questions, we turn to sources in Islam that will answer their curiosity. So here are some questions some of the girls have, and please if you can, proved some sources as in (from the Quran)
1) I have some question about marriage, and other topics; is it haram for a husband to lick his wife’s nipples before and after the pregnancy. Because I heard that if, the does he becomes like a one of the children, not physically by emotionally.
2)       Is it haram for a woman to shave her legs before and after the marriage?
3)       Is it haram for a woman/girl wore jeans, because i use to wear jeans but i stop because keep telling me it haram. If it is can you, show me prove (as from the Quran) so i can show me friends.
4)       I wanted to know if listening to music it haram (all kind of music). In addition, where does it say it in the Quran?

Time: Sunday December 13, 2009 at 9:36 am

Answers: Dear Vice President, we congratulate you on your efforts of sharing the truth with those that surround you. You seem keeping your members in touch with issues that are bound to confront each of us from time to time. You folks seem young and your questions do show curiosity. Kindly read what is written below.

A:1) Not haram. For an adult to lick his married wife’s breast, or for that matter, for a woman to lick her husband’s nipple area is not forbidden.

(Licking and drinking a mother’s milk are entirely different occurrences. What you heard about breast feeding and its milk applies to an infant taking nutritional benefit from a mother, foster mother, etc. A man or woman under normal and general circumstances cannot live of a spouse’s breast milk and have their bodies develop as a result of ‘her’ milk, thus the rule you made mention of would not apply here. Drinking a mother’s milk whilst she has a new born would be stealing the rights of the child. Still he would not become forbidden for his wife.)

A:2) No.

(Not haram before marriage. Not haram after marriage. Only haram to show your legs of to strangers before and after marriage!)

A3) No. (See conditions)

(However, it is for forbidden to show your figure to strangers. Wearing jeans of such a nature is forbidden. Lose fitting jeans are allowed. Best for us to wear clothing that would resemble the Muslim dress code. Click here for more pertaining to jeans.

A4) Yes, music is haram. Proof is derived from the numerous ayaat and ahaadith. Here is a limited response that would suffice for you.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. It is best for non married students to go back to their studies, stop worrying about licking nipples (and/or its possible link to breast milk,)  shaving of your legs and/or playing dress up. We do appreciate your questions. We also do not want you to be distracted from your studies. We want the best for you all. Good luck in all you folks do.


3 responses to “Don’t steal my milk! Shave your legs? How about jeans and music…

  1. Dude you just answered the questions that i have had my whole life! thank you. Jazakallah.

  2. ‘dude’? ok, as you wish to re-title me.
    Don’t keep the questions in your mind for such a long time. Let us honor you with some healthy responses. That way your mind would be free of unwanted thoughts and ideas. You’d be better able to stay focus on Allah (SWT)…

  3. i had no idea music was haram cause i always listen to it are you sure?
    also thanks for letting me know that shaving legs isn’t haram