Abdul Qadir al Jalani (Rahmatullah alayh)

Q: I’ve tried to find some reliable English sites with information on Abdul Qadr al Jalani (Rahmatullah alayh) but only Arabic sites exist. Is it possible to provide a brief description about him and his contribution/s to Islam?

Jazakullah Khair in advance.

Time: Monday November 23, 2009 at 2:18 pm

A: Most of our audience members are students based or in the youth range. We recommend that they read up on the lives of the prophets peace be upon them all, then the sahabas with whom we request Allah to shower his Mercy upon, etc. When time permits, we request them to read up the many other great contributors of Islam, including the likes of Shiek Allamah Abdul Qadir Jilani.

Some of the stories relating to Sheik Allamah Abdul Qadir Jilani are authentic, some remain fabricated. His sayings are sometimes misinterpreted. People must proceed with caution and read up on him with the guidance of a good mentor. The mentor himself must be strong in aqeedah.

Sheik Allamah Abdul Qadir Jilani was a great mystic, extremely honest and obedient to his mother, great respect for his mentors and teachers. Dedicated himself in wanting to understand the greatness of Allah (SWT) — not as a science or for mere jabber or impression management, but rather his learning and living was to tap into to the Noor that Allah shares to all. He appreciated whatever came his way while abstaining from haram vigilantly.

Practice on these traits for starters, and Allah would bless you as well, be you male or female.

Allah certainly knows best.


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  1. Jazakullah Khair, inshAllah I’ll follow your advice regarding reading up on our pious predecessors after my finals.


  2. Was the Muslim brotherhood qadiriya found durning al-jilani’s
    Life or was it after his death?