Given that our Imaan has its own ebbs and flows

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Q: Given that our Imaan has its own ebbs and flows, what is a person to do when it is at an ebb?

Jazakullah Khair in advance.

A: Reflect upon yourself. Stay away from places (be it homes, businesses, etc) that allow your mind to wonder of towards haram.  Each person should be aware of her/is spirtual ups and downs. Focus on your root causes.

Ask yourself daily in a reflective manner the following questions: it is too much TV that i am watching? Am i spending too much time ‘facebooking’? Am i involved in a lot of useless conversations?  Who am i really? Am i showing one thing but in reality a deception to myself about myself? If i die now, what would my legacy be? Can i face my Allah?

Imaan can never be at a constant. It always fluctuates. This is due to our environment being in flux and our letting of the environment control our thoughts and actions. To minimize negitivity, keep the company of the pious. Avoid gossip, lies, cheating, ill thoughts of all humans, be consistent with good deeds.

Spend 15 to 20 minutes a day to reflect on yourself. Keep a journal of your errors. Reflect on your poor choices to make yourself a better person.

(student #745 as dictated by imaam)


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