Please dont confuse our new Muslims even if you are confused/lost/dont know better


I keep reading and hearing about females having a sponsor or guardian (male) to look after the best interests of them. Which makes sense if one comes from a muslim family…with a muslim father, uncles and brothers etc. However, if a female converts to Islam and knows no muslim men…who would her sponsor/guardian be? Would it have to be a Muslim or would her uncle of another faith suffice? I have a friend that keeps telling me it’s not right not to have a male sponsor and this issue confuses me quite a bit. Any information you have on this subject for me would be much appreciated! (Name: I’m found)

Time: Saturday November 21, 2009 at 12:45 am


Your situation is one filled with challenge. We salute for strength. We thank you for sharing your important concerns with us.

Taking into account that you have no Muslim male relative on your father’s side to care for you, or another family member to aid you in this undertaking of yours, the following general rule would apply:

Under ideal condition, you would go a Muslim judge and he would assist you. Since this does not apply to you, you would have to look for a reputable Imaam that would be willing to assist you in this regard. Knowing that Imaams would not generally get involved in such personal situations, I would additionally advise you to contact a legal Islamic body that has senior officials and a social department that can represent and cater to your Islamic and social needs.

Should the above be far fetched, then within your community, look for responsible sisters that can bond with you and aid you in finding responsible persons that can help you with decisions that pertain to your Islamic needs.

All Muslims are not religious scholars!

Your friend is not fully aware as to the complexities that surround new Muslims in a western environment. Muslims must realize that western nations do not have Islamic laws governing and regulating peoples everyday lives. Request your friend to study the aspect of guardianship from a religious perspective as to how it applies to the secular state. Request your friend to speak to a scholar rather then play ‘pretend scholar’ and cause greater confusion in your new beginning. Your friend I am sure does mean well. Meaning well in Islam also means giving advice that represents Islam, not ones personal/cultural/supposed values.

May Allah (SWT) bless you for your courage in wanting to do the right thing.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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