Qurbani is only wajib upon the following persons:

how are you all?? by the grace of almight we are fine. i have a question??? If a person is going to Hajj he has to give qurbani in his name in madina or mecca, can his family members give qurbani also for the person performing hajj in his home country.

waiting for your reply.
allah hafiz

Time: Friday October 23, 2009 at 4:08 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

A person performing hajj would not have do Qurbani in either of the two blessed places you have mentioned.

Doing a qurbani would gain a person great reward. But its not obligatory upon you.

Should you reside in either of the cities for more than 15 days, then you would turn into a resident (muqeen) and you would become eligible to perform the qurbani. Should this be the case, you are welcome to do the Qurbani wherever you wish.

Qurbani is only wajib upon the following persons:

  • Muslim
  • Free person (an individual that is not a slave.)
  • Resident, not a traveler
  • Person who possesses Nisab of the zakat

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Kindly remember us all in your prayers while in Hajj.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


10 responses to “Qurbani is only wajib upon the following persons:

  1. Can we give the eid qurbani meat to non believers if they are poor?

    • A: Yes, one can give meat to nonMuslims.
      Allah Certainly Knows Best.
      As advice and recommendation: Better to give such meat to those that are poor (as your questionnaire seeks to do)

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  3. can qurbani be given by a widow having pension

  4. Can we do qurbani for that person who already died suppose for our prophet(pbuh)

    or passed our mother and father

  5. Assalaamualaikum…

    can qurbani be done in the name of decreased person?

    waiting for reply…
    Allah hafiz..

  6. Asalam o Alakum

    Kindly advice that if father and mother both are alive than son can do qurbani from his or her side.

    Best regards