chopped up body parts in dream

Q. Asalamu Alaikom,
I hope you are in best of health Inshallah.I wanted to ask for a dream meaning that i had last night. I was at this school/ University like place and in an inside cafeteria some people were serving food, I come in to take food for my self and my friends but for some reason i leave without food and inform them i could not get it. I go in to the cafeteria again the second time for something and what i see is that all those people that were there were chopped up and all i saw was blood and bones. The people that were feeding them food turned out to be “adam Khor” (human eaters) i think that’s what they are called in urdu. I run outside and everyone is running to escape. there is this bus which is packed. i see my friend on it and so i hop in too and lend a hand to my brother as well. But the bus driver is  scared and couldn’t drive…anyways so i remove him and drive instead of him and the “adam Khor” are following us but somehow we escape and tried to hide behind the hills, so they
can leave. ( I don’t know what kind of dream this is but it freaked me out…I haven’t watched any movies, haven’t had a thought like this at all)

Time: Monday July 13, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Your dream is relationally bound. Sadly, we don’t know matters that are personal to you — be it family, friends, or for that matter, if you are proposed for, engaged, married, etc. thus accuracy to your query may be lacked. (kindly refrain from sending us this information at this point. Merely read on.)

Death in your dream symbolizes a corruption of your faith. Should you not be cautious in your actions, you could lose your honor. Lack of caution also indicates a diminishing insight to matters of religion. Religion would turn into a game of managing how people perceive you. Genuineness would lack. Should you be astute to these aforementioned considerations, inshAllah, you shall be fine.

You are also in a situation wherein you feel relationally sucked in, emotionally drained, etc. This could be a relationship with a significant other, or personal family. Eventual reconciliation would take place. There is jealousy placed upon you from outsiders. This jealousy could be harmful to you, unless you read Quran and other things linked to the Quran. Quran is a cure for all evil. With consistency of its recital acoupled with sincerity in duas, your situation can change for the best.

The avenues of your wealth must be better monitored. More consideration towards halaal and haram must be observed for you to attain the necessary spiritual purity.

Chopped parts indicate relational issues that must be resolved, symbolizes mishap in your matters. If worked on, it could resolve your matters. Your dream – parts of it symbolizes your current life, or the life of a significant other. (We have no clue if you are in a relationship of not, thus the reason for our vagueness)

There is much more to your dream but suffice to say the following: your dream is insight from Allah (Subhanu Wata ’Ala) to do the right thing in life choices. Your shiftiness on sacred matters could hinder your spiritual progress. Be firm, and you shall persevere. InshaAllah you would eventually persevere if you do the right thing at all times. Doing the right thing will prevent you to not suffer the great struggle that is placed upon you by members that despise you and wish to control you adversly.

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Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. Salaam Alaykum,

    Imam I have one question to ask pertaining to this issue. Say you had a dream where a friend/distant relative died, what does that mean? Does it still mean corruption of faith as you said earlier?

    Jazakullah Khair