Burial costs — dying is not cheap in the USA!

Reality of life begins at death

Question/Comment: (the passing of brother Zakaria – may Allah bless him and his family Ameen} in our community has caused my family/myself to ask certain questions) I was wondering what my family should do in case of a death in the family ….. Being a small family here and not having a big community to rely on. I am afraid we won’t know what to do. I was wondering if we need to pay in order to register for the Muslim cemetery. Please let me know ….. so it is distressing at times to be thinking of such events. But Allah (SWT) has warned us that no one would know in which land he/she will die. (Please advice) (Sent to private email to the Imaam. It is shared to the public for the benefit of the majority. May Allah reward the sister for her email.)

Q. Does Islam allow burial insurance (brother Ogden)

Q. How can I ensure an Islamic burial?

Answer to the above questions:

  • As Muslims in America we face multiple challengers. A believer tries very hard to be good to the rules of religion and themselves whilst alive. A true believer also makes necessary preparations for death in a way that would make things easy for themselves and others. We are called upon to make dua that our life and death are both a blessing and not a burden to humanity. Your question shows sensitivity to such an Islamic idea.
  • Not knowing where we are to pass away makes matters challenging. At the same time, we become strong within our Imaan.  As Muslims we do not succumbed to burial insurance, etc. as a loophole to give us a false perception of security. However, as Muslims we do have several options.

* Buy a burial plot at a Muslim cemetery. The spot would be yours awaiting your arrival.

* For those that may be limited on funds — they should set aside money in a personal burial account to take care of burial expenses, and those associated with it. The reward for doing this would be tremendous. As one is aware, dying in United States is far from cheap. Cost to exceed $5000 is not unusual in certain major metropolitan cities. Utah costs remain in excess of $3000 (these are mere estimates, please do not send the Imaam your bill should it exceed any of these aforementioned amounts!)

*For larger families, each family member places $20 to $50 in personal burial account. Should a close member pass away, the others tap into their resources and help out. Burden and stress of each person is minimized.

*It is the duty of fellow Muslims to help out Muslims at the time of need. More so at the time of passing away. We should inquire if we can aid with bill paying. A grieving family’s dua would come to aid the giver, insha-Allah.

*Always have contact details in case of emergency upon your physical person. Your religion must also be mentioned on this card. Your local Islamic burial society’s up to date contact details. If married to a non-Muslim (not encouraged for men, a major no-no for woman) make sure you have a bequest that stipulates how you would like to be buried. Neglectful persons have had their Muslim spouses buried according to kuffar methods, causing torment for all. If living with non-Muslims, make sure a bequest exists stipulating the choice and place of burial. Recent cases have caused Muslims to be cremated (set to fire) due to ill social choices resulting in matters beyond the deceased persons control – due to lack of appropriate planning. Let us not become the next victim.

May Allah give us all prosperous healthy lives, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(If people know persons that have passed away, and care to share their local (USA) experience, we would really appreciate it)


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