fidyah and fasting – follow up

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Question: Jazakallahu khair for the clarification.
Okay so I missed 12 days of fasting,
and say I invite a miskeen for dinner for x amount of days would that be considered fidya?
basically how many days of fidya would I have to do to be cleared for my 12missed days?

Response: Option one: Do the following:

Calculate 12 days x 1.632 kilograms of wheat in financial value.

Option one: Invite 12 poor people and feed them to their fill, or give them each a meal voucher. Obviously 12 vouchers would have to be given.

Option two: If your health permits, just keep the 12 missed fast, (and save your money.)

Option three: feed the 12 people. Then when you have reached peak health performance, keep the missed 12 fasts.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

(Option two generally can work best)

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