can i be forced to have a baby?!

Q. Can my husband force me to have a child? We have tried for many years and I have given up. I am told to attend a fertility clinic…… I have refused to go ….  What are my options?

A. No, he cannot force you to have a child. He can encourage you to have a child. Should you not want to have a child, other options do exist.

Alternatives to not being able to conceive a child for you and your husband:

Take care of an orphan

Don’t have a child. Accept what Allah Wills

Your husband seeks a partner that would help him become a father

Waiting until you are ready to have a child through halal proposed methods

Divorce due to incompatibility pertaining to critical goals (not encouraged, but an option in Islam)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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2 responses to “can i be forced to have a baby?!

  1. Graco Pack And Play

    We are all born with varied abilities to reproduce. As children of God, we must understand that regardless of what we do, some of us cannot conceive even with help. You must agree on the direction that the two of you want to take.

    • Ml. Muhammad Shoayb

      We are not children of God. Allah does not need sons and daughters. We are servants of Allah…. Prophets (peace be upon them all) of Allah are servants of Allah. We likewise are called upon to be His servants as well. Work on this for now, it would be helpful for you.