Gender, money, and qurban

Q. My husband is unemployed. I am employed and make close to $85000 a year.  I am a woman. In sharia, I depend on him because in sharia a man is head of the household. Not fault of his, he cannot afford the qurban.  Must I still slaughter for Eid ul adha? Must I do it in my area or can I send the money to my mother and father?

A. Your slaughtering of an animal is not dependent on whether your husband is wealthy or poor, employed gainfully or marginally. Not does slaughtering of an animal depend on the fact of whether you are a lawyer or a cashier at your local stationary store.

Your slaughtering of an animal is dependent on your personal financial data. Upon evaluating your financial situation, determine if your investments are of an equivalence, or an excess, of 613.35 grams worth of silver, be it in the form rental property, gold, halal stock options, savings account, etc. If they are worth 613.35 grams of silver or more, you would have to slaughter an animal or purchase a share with someone that is slaughtering an animal that comprises of seven shares with one share being yours. A ‘seven share’ animal is like that of a camel, cow, buffalo while sheep, goat count as a ‘one share’ animal.

Should you wish to purchase additional shares to your one share, whether on behalf of your husband or any other living person, merely get their approval, and you can do so. Likewise, should you wish to slaughter an animal or purchase a share for a deceased individual, you may also do so.

Although it is best for you to slaughter in the country of your residence, so as to bring benefit for you and those around you, you can also have your animal slaughtered in the country of your choice, especially if a greater need exists elsewhere. If Allah (subhanahu wa ta’aala) has blessed you, you can do in multiple places within the same year as well, one slaughter (qurbani) being with an intention for yourself, and the other sacrifice(s) on behalf of someone else, as outlined above.

May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’aala) accept our sacrifices, ameen.

You can take your share of a seven share animal and also consume part of it.

Your question seems to indicate that you may also benefit from masaa’il pertaining to zakaat as well.

Allah certainly knows best.

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