Fasting and diabetes

Q. My friend is suffering from diabetes. According to doctors he should not fast. My friend was recommended not to fast. So my friend thought it best to feed a poor Muslim person everyday the very same food he has had cooked for himself when not fasting. Is this the correct thing to do? please recommend is what is taking place is correct or not.

A. According to Shariah, if one is unable to fast due to poor health, then the individual will be excused from fasting. Your friend will offer the Fidyah to those that are needy. Fidyah is defined as feeding one poor person one meal for every fast missed. Fidyah could also be given in cash according to the Sadqadul Fitr amount of your country for each missed fast.
Should your friend recover, which insha-Allah shall take place, then they can (if they wish) make up for the missed fast even though fidyah had been given.

Surely Allah Knows Best

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